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Why Your Home’s Boiler Needs Regular Maintenance

Boiler maintenance is essential for ensuring that your boiler is in a safe, reliable, and efficient condition. As a leading provider of oil boiler maintenance in New Haven County, we’ve created this post to educate our customers on the importance of regular boiler tune-ups. A faulty or incorrectly fitted boiler can be a severe danger to you and your family. Therefore, it’s essential to work with a reputable, experienced professional when scheduling boiler maintenance.

Extend the Life of Your Boiler

The more frequently you have your boiler maintained, the fewer repairs you will need, and the less often you will have to replace your boiler. By investing in annual maintenance, any problems that your boiler has developed can be fixed before they develop into serious issues that warrant a new boiler. Additionally, if you catch an issue early enough, repairs will take half of the time. This will save you from taking time off work, and ultimately saving your cash.

Increase Energy Efficiency

With regular boiler maintenance, any faults or damage identified can be quickly fixed. This helps to ensure that your boiler works to optimum efficiency for most of the year. A boiler that works perfectly will also help you to save money on your heating bills!

Avoid Boiler Breakdowns in the Winter

Due to inactivity across the spring and summer, boiler breakdowns are more likely during the winter months. If your boiler breaks down during winter, this can cause chaos, as the weather falls to low temperatures and it starts to frost outside. So, maintenance is essential to ensure that you have adequate heating and a functioning boiler throughout the colder months.

Protect the Health of You and Your Family

The primary benefit of regular boiler maintenance is the safety aspect. Although gas leaks are very unlikely, an issue caused by defective boilers is carbon monoxide production. This deadly gas has no scent and no color, and it can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning and death in some cases.

Keeping a well-maintained boiler will reduce the chances of a gas leak tenfold. For more information or to schedule a gas boiler tune-up in New Haven County, contact us now!
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