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Thursday, 10 May 2018 00:04

Preventing Mold In Your Central Air Conditioner

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Proper drainage and maintenance is the key to preventing AC mold problems.

Preventing air conditioner mold problems
Summers in Connecticut can be hot and very humid. With the air conditioner running and the home tightly sealed. It's important to ensure that your central air conditioner is operating properly to prevent excess moisture build up that can lead to the growth of unhealthy mold and mildew. When your central air conditioner is running, the condenser, the part located inside the home, creates condensation that accumulates into a pan before emptying down the condensation drain tube. This pan is called the condensate drain pan. If the tube that drains the water from the pan becomes clogged, water can accumulate allowing unhealthy mold and mildew to grow. By checking the drain pain occasionally and taking some basic maintenance steps you can prevent mold from growing.

IMPORTANT: Before doing any work near the air conditioner always turn off the power to the unit first.

1. If you notice water accumulating in the evaporator pan, check to see if the drain line is obstructed with dirt or debris.

2. Clean out the evaporator pan with hot soapy water. A small amount of bleach can be added to disinfect the surface and kill any existing mold and bacteria, and a sponge.

3. Next, Pour bleach through the pan's condensate tube to kill mold and algae, which can obstruct the drain tube and cause the pan to fill up and overflow. Check the tube's outside end to make sure it's draining freely.

4. To prevent future mold and algae growth, a chlorine tablet and be placed in the evaporator pan. Note that this is the kind of chlorine tablet used for swimming pools and hot tubs, not the kind used in toilets.

Have questions about preventing mold in your air conditioner? Call Air Specialties. We can help identify the cause of the mold and offer effective solutions for preventing future mold growth. We also offer whole home dehumidifiers that can reduce excess humidity and improve the air quality and comfort in the home.
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