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Wednesday, 19 February 2020 14:46

As the dry, cold weather arrives in West Haven, CT, and neighboring communities, you may find it necessary to turn on your whole house humidifier.  A humidifier can help make the winter air much healthier and more comfortable. Like your furnace and air conditioner, a whole house humidifier needs regular maintenance to ensure it is operating at peak efficiency. 

Here's what to do:

  1. Check the Drain Line. Ensure the line is clean and free of clogs. Over time, minerals and algae can build up and obstruct the line.

  1. Replace the Media Panel. The media panel, or water panel, works by mixing water with the flow of hot air from the furnace. Most manufacturers recommend replacing the panel at least twice a season. If you allow the media panel to stay in the humidifier for too long, it will reduce the performance of the unit and potentially harbor unhealthy mold and bacteria.

  1. Clean the Humidifier’s Fan. Also, clean off the fan’s intake vent and enclosure.

  1. Inspect The Solenoid Valve. The solenoid valve allows water to flow to the humidifier. When the unit is operating, ensure the the valve is opening and that water is flowing.

Finally, when the warm weather returns in the spring, remember to turn off the humidifier and discard the used media panel.

For more information about whole house humidifier maintenance, call the West Haven, CT, air quality experts at Air Specialties today!

Wednesday, 19 February 2020 14:38

As the cold winter weather arrives in West Haven, CT, and the surrounding region, some homeowners will find themselves with a furnace that won't turn on. 

Before you call Air Specialties for service, there are a few things you can check yourself.

  1. Ensure That the Power Is On. Even though it's gas powered, a furnace requires electricity to run, so check the power to the unit at the circuit breaker panel. If a circuit is tripped, switch it back to the ON position. Note, if the circuit trips again, DO NOT RESET IT MORE THAN ONCE. This is a safety measure to prevent an electrical fire in the event of a malfunction. Have an electrician inspect the system.
  2. Check the Thermostat Is Turned To the HEAT Position, then try turning the temperature up a couple degrees for testing purposes.
  3. Check the Furnace Condensate Pan (Drain Pan). During normal operation, water will drain from the air conditioner or furnace into a pan. If the drain for the pan is clogged, the pan will fill up and trigger a float switch, preventing the operation of the furnace. If the float switch is up (activated), you will need to clear the obstruction to allow water to empty and then reset the switch.
  4. Check the Furnace Filter. An extremely dirty and clogged filter will make the furnace overheat, which will cause it to shut down as a safety precaution. Install a new filter to allow it to breathe easier.
  5. Check the Pilot Light. This only applies to older gas furnaces. Most newer units have an electric ignition. If your pilot light is out, consult your owner's manual for the correct way to light the pilot.
  6. Check the Fuel Supply. If there are other gas appliances in the home, such a gas range or fireplace, check that they are functioning.

If none of the above steps works and the furnace still won't turn on, call Air Specialties Air Conditioning and Heating. We have experience working with all makes and models and can provide prompt, reliable service throughout West Haven, CT, and the surrounding region.

Thursday, 02 January 2020 22:08

Whether you are heating a home or a business, your oil boiler can fail for several reasons. As a reputable provider of boiler repair services in and around Milford, we've created this piece so that our customers can spot the signs that indicate that their boiler needs repairs.

Equipment is Old

Like all mechanical equipment, boilers wear down over time and require maintenance and repairs. If your equipment is older than 15 years, it may very well be time that you consider a replacement.

Strange Smells

Damaged boilers tend to leak. If your boiler is leaking oil, you may notice an egg-like or metallic smell. Although carbon monoxide is odorless, many gas suppliers add sulfur to make the gas give off an odor and be detected easily.

Power Faults

If your boiler doesn't run after it has been switched on, there could be a power supply problem. A technician will be your best bet for getting to the bottom of a power issue problem quickly and efficiently, especially during the colder months.

Delayed Heating

When a unit is functioning efficiently, heat should be produced very quickly after switching on the boiler system. If it starts to take longer and longer for your boiler to produce heat, you might have a circulation issue. You may also notice your unit shutting down frequently to avoid overheating.


In most instances, the issue can be solved with a single repair, but sometimes a newer, more advanced model is necessary.

Insufficient Heat


When your boiler is producing heat, but your home or office never seems to reach the predetermined temperature, there could be a heat delivery issue. These issues can be caused by many variables, including short circuits in the thermostat, or buildup inside the tank.

When you run your boiler, check the thermostat settings. If your building fails to reach the desired temperature, it’s time to call a professional.

For additional information, or to schedule oil boiler repair in Orange, click here to contact a member of our team.


Thursday, 02 January 2020 22:07

As a trusted heat pump and furnace repair company serving North Haven and surrounding areas, we’re often asked the question, “How long will my ductless heat pump last?” We’re sure that this is a question a lot of homeowners want to know the answer to. For that reason, we’ve created this post to briefly explain some things about the longevity of this heating system.


Ultimately, ductless heat pumps can last for between 5 and 20 years — depending on many factors.

Why do some machines last longer than others?

It’s down to the quality of the materials used to manufacture the heat pump. Quality craftsmanship and components go a long way in ensuring the machine that works with high levels of heat can stand the test of time.


Brands such as Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, and Daikin are all reputable manufacturers to consider when looking for a new ductless heat pump.

How do you know a machine is built to last?

It’s simple, check the length of the company warranty on any model that you want to buy. If the guarantee extends to 12 years or more, it’s a safe assumption that the machine will work for at least this length of time without worry.

Can price indicate the lifespan and durability of a ductless heat pump?

Many high-quality brands are very efficient. If you’ve done your homework and researched several different heat pumps, you may have seen the correlation between price and quality. For this reason, it’s a safe assumption that cost is a valid indicator of longevity when it comes to these products.


That said, many people still choose to buy cheap, less reliable products.

Why You Should Avoid Lower End Unit Purchases


Let’s imagine that you pay a heating company $2,000 for them to install a heat pump one weekend, and this heat pump has a 4-7 year lifespan.


Now, let’s imagine that one of our HVAC professionals came out and fitted a brand new, state-of-the-art Fujitsu heat pump for you with a 12-year warranty.


With the number of repairs and maintenance you may have to pay for the first machine; you’ll save money installing the second option. With premium units being more efficient, you’ll also save cash on energy bills during the fall and winter.


For additional information, or to schedule emergency furnace or heat pump repair work in North Haven, click here now.


Thursday, 07 November 2019 22:01

Heat pumps are becoming the preferred heating and cooling system amongst many of our customers in West Haven, CT, and the surrounding region. 


Heat pumps are becoming the preferred heating and cooling system amongst many of our customers in the West Haven, CT, area. Ductless heat pumps, also known as mini-split heat pumps, are comprised of two main parts: the outdoor unit and indoor unit. In the winter, the outdoor unit extracts heat from the outside environment and vents it through the indoor unit to heat your home. In the summer, the process is reversed, with the indoor unit extracting heat from inside the house and transferring it outside.

Advantages of a Ductless Mini-Split System

Temperature Zoning

Without the help of a smart thermostat, conventional heating methods distribute heat uniformly throughout the household. The most significant advantage of owning a ductless mini-split is that it allows for temperature zoning, or the ability to heat rooms to different temperatures. This is not only convenient for making your home comfortable for all family members, but it also helps you save money on your monthly energy bills.

Energy Efficiency

Ductless mini-splits are one of the more energy-efficient appliances on the market. Regular heaters, such as furnaces and boilers, require ducts to circulate air throughout the house. Due to cracks and gaps in the ductwork, these traditional heaters will lose warm air and have to produce more in order to reach the temperature set by the thermostat. Because these heat pumps are ductless, they move air directly between the outdoor and indoor units.

Big Money Savings

Ductless heat pumps were invented to be high-performance systems, which can contribute to overall cost savings for homeowners. When heat is only distributed to occupied rooms, as opposed to the whole house, homeowners will only have to pay for the heat they’re using. Families that choose to install heat pumps over a traditional heater may also be eligible for tax credits or utility rebates if these savings are available in their states.

Easy Installation

Heat pumps are one of the easiest heating systems to install. Due to their small size and non-invasive nature, our highly-qualified technicians can perform a heat pump installation in a matter of hours. Unlike boilers or furnaces which require pre-installed ductwork through conventional gas furnace services, available in New Haven County and all local areas, mini-split heaters are perfect for buildings with no existing ductwork because they don’t require ducts to circulate airflow.

Dual Heating and Cooling System

Ductless heat pumps are the only system available that allows for both heating and cooling. This is possible through the heater’s internal components, which have the ability to capture heat in the air. Traditional heaters heat up the air before distributing it throughout the household using a venting system, whereas ductless heat pumps move heat from one area to another.

Contact an Air Specialties specialist for all your heating needs this winter, whether you’re looking for heat pump installations or gas furnace repair services in New Haven County and all surrounding areas. With over 60 years of experience serving residents of West Haven, CT, we aim to provide the best local professional services.

Thursday, 07 November 2019 21:57


Like all expensive home appliances, your furnace is nearing its expiration date with each consecutive usage. While nobody knows for sure when their heater will require a replacement, we know that, on average, most furnaces last 15-20 years. Your furnace’s lifespan depends on a variety of factors: maintenance, make and model, average usage, etc. In order to help your furnace remain efficient for as long as possible, proper care and maintenance are the most critical factors. In fact, you can contact Air Specialties for gas furnace service in New Haven County, from Branford to West Haven, CT, and everything in between!

The Importance of Furnace Maintenance

 As a heating and cooling service company, we cannot stress the importance of furnace maintenance enough. Routine care and maintenance are essential to keep your heating system running properly, efficiently, and safely. A furnace that is routinely serviced will experience less wear and tear, and therefore require less costly repairs. It will also increase your furnace’s lifespan.

Furnace maintenance isn’t a frequent or expensive service. In fact, an annual furnace service is all you need to make sure the system is functioning correctly and won’t break down halfway through winter. Because furnace usage is put on hold throughout spring and summer, the best time to get your furnace serviced is in autumn - right before the cold months hit you on full blast.

An annual furnace service will help turn your low-performance, worn-down heater into an efficient heating machine by repairing all the necessary components. This can help you save a lot on your monthly heating bills - we’re talking 20-25 percent savings! Not only that, but furnace maintenance by a trained professional can also make your home a safer place for your whole family by performing a carbon monoxide leak test. The advantages of an annual furnace service can’t be beat.

Warning Signs that You Might Need a Furnace Replacement 

If you’ve owned your heater for over 15 years and it’s starting to show signs of aging, you might need a furnace replacement. Only a certified technician can determine for sure if your heater has reached its expiration date, but here are some common warning signs to watch out for:

  • Frequent repairs
  • Steadily increasing energy bills
  • Abnormal noises coming from the furnace
  • Low air quality
  • Usage exceeds 15-20 years

Looking for Furnace Repairs or Installations in West Haven, CT?

If you’re in need of gas furnace installation or repair services in New Haven County or surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to call Air Specialties. Our certified HVAC professionals have experience repairing and replacing furnaces of every make and model. No matter how small or big of a problem you are experiencing, there’s no better repair service to contact than our team!

Friday, 20 September 2019 18:23

5 End-of-Summer Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

As summer comes to an end, many of our AC systems have been in constant use throughout the hot season. By scheduling some essential maintenance tasks, you can detect any signs of wear and tear and have them repaired before they cause lasting damage.

As a reliable provider of AC tune-up services in Milford, CT, West Haven, CT, and surrounding communities, we’ve listed some end-of-summer AC maintenance tips below.

Change the Filter

Filters help to collect all the pollen, dander, dust, and debris that is present in our homes. Although your filter may have been cleaned at the start of the summer, it needs to be replaced at the end of the season to increase AC performance. Ideally, filters should be changed monthly when the AC is being used daily. However, at least every three months will suffice. Once the filter has been changed, you can reap the benefits of cleaner air and reduced energy bills.

Examine the Unit for Abnormalities

Take some time to inspect your AC unit. Look for leaks, debris, and frayed wires around the system. Listen for any unusual noises, such as rattling, banging, hissing, or ticking. Additionally, trace any odd odors. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, contact an AC professional immediately.

Clean all Condenser Coils

Condensate drains encourage the growth of moisture and mildew on an outdoor unit, causing the AC system to work harder. If you have neglected cleaning duties throughout the summer, now is the time to clean the coils and condenser drain. Removing any signs of clogging will decrease the chance of an impaired cooling system.

Remove Any Obstructions from Outdoor Units

Before autumn brings leaves, twigs, sleet, and other debris, your outdoor AC system needs to be prepared. Clear the area surrounding your condenser unit of weeds, shrubs and branches, and try to brush away or vacuum up all dirt and debris. Removing any obstructions will improve air circulation.

Schedule a Professional Inspection and Tune-Up

Professional inspections and tune-ups keep your AC unit running smoothly all year round. Full AC inspections identify and fix any minor issues before they evolve into serious problems.

For more information, or to schedule an air conditioning installation service in Hamden, CT, West Haven, CT, or any other neighboring community, feel free to browse our website.


Tuesday, 18 June 2019 19:01

As one of the leading providers of air conditioning repair services in New Haven County and the surrounding areas, we have recently had an increase in demand for professional mini-split AC installations.

These ductless systems are composed of several indoor units and an outdoor condenser or compressor. They connect via a small conduit, so there’s no need for ductwork. The indoor units also heat or cool the air in different rooms of your homes.

These systems are economically friendly and come with a range of benefits for homeowners, including:

Lower Utility Bills

Although initially costing more than conventional HVAC systems, mini-split setups pay for themselves via the energy saved in homes over time. Homeowners will never have to repair leaky ductwork again, and they can set specific zoning so that unoccupied rooms are not being heated or cooled. It’s possible to use a separate thermostat for each unit, controlling them all via a central thermostat.

Quiet Operations

When ductwork has leaks or debris they can cause banging or whistling sounds, and there may also be squeaking noises if any pests have entered the ducts. Once a mini-split system is installed, our team of professionals will either remove all of your old ductwork or seal your air registers. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about any more unwanted noise.

Mini-split systems are also quieter because the compressor or condensers’ that they use will be installed on the outside of your property, meaning that you can relax in a home free from mechanical whirrings and other annoying sounds.

Improved Comfort

Ductwork has been known to spread contaminants such as dirt, dust, and pet dander throughout properties. This is especially true if a filter hasn’t been changed or there is a leak in your AC system’s ducts. A ductless system helps to improve the air quality that circulates in your home. This prevents allergy symptoms, headaches, and breathing problems such as asthma.

Here at Air Specialties, we provide the full installation of mini-split systems, air conditioning tune-ups in New Haven County, and so much more. To schedule an installation, call us today!

Tuesday, 07 May 2019 18:08

Summer is nearly here and it’s bringing the hot weather along with it. Now is an excellent time to schedule a professional tune-up for your air conditioning unit. Air Specialties, a leading provider of air conditioning installation services in New Haven County for over 50 years, is committed to keeping your home cool all summer long.

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Keep your air conditioner from burning out by bringing in the experts at Air Specialties. Our technicians are authorities in AC maintenance and central air installation in New Haven County. Give us a call today!

Monday, 08 April 2019 21:39

Owning a home comes with a litany of perks, but also some not-so-pleasant responsibilities. Having to replace major appliances falls in the latter category. In our day-to-day business as a gas furnace repair service in the New Haven County area, the experts at Air Specialties sometimes have to break the news to our customers that it’s time for a new furnace or air conditioner.

When something you count on to make your living space, well, livable, conks out, you have to bite the bullet and dip into your wallet.

If you find yourself having to buy a new furnace or air conditioning system, it might be smart to invest in replacing both at the same time. Here’s why:

A Shared Motor

Typically, furnaces last longer than air conditioners, with a lifespan of up to 20 years. Air conditioners tend to need replacement every 15 to 20 years. Unless you own a mini-split air conditioning system, which consists of an outdoor compressor and an indoor air blower, your furnace and air conditioner are symbiotic in that they share the same blower motor.

The function of the blower motor is what you might expect: It blows heated or cooled air through your house.

The risk in buying a brand new, high-efficiency air conditioning system and hooking it up to an old blower motor is twofold:

  • The air conditioner won’t run at maximum efficiency
  • The air conditioner could prematurely break down due to increased wear and tear

Money Saved in the Long Run

Replacing a furnace and air conditioner at the same time might seem like an expensive proposition, but if both are running together at peak efficiency, you’re bound to see the savings in your energy bills over time.

Additionally, choosing to install a new heating and cooling system means fewer major repair bills for either appliance in the near future. Of course, it helps to hire expert technicians to do the installing, and Air Specialties is always here to help!

Other Considerations

Replacing both your air conditioner and furnace at the same time is not required, and if you purchased your furnace within the last 10 years, you probably can hold off replacing it for a while. Remember to keep it functioning at full capacity by scheduling regular maintenance checkups and not neglecting necessary repairs.

Consult the Experts

The team at Air Specialties can help you decide if it’s time for a full overhaul of your HVAC system, or if a few reasonable repairs will fix your problems. We can handle any of your heating or air conditioning challenges, from air conditioning installation to furnace repair to oil boiler maintenance throughout the New Haven County area.

Why choose Air Specialties for your HVAC overhaul? Watch this brief slideshow video for just a taste of what we offer.

Don’t let your heating or air conditioning issues fester and cause you more trouble down the road. Contact us today to schedule service.

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