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Does My Air Conditioner Need A Repair?

When it comes to an air conditioner, it is, no doubt, a necessity in the spring and summer. With warmer weather outside, it is important to stay cool indoors. Luckily, regular air conditioning maintenance ensures your unit is working properly and efficiently. While maintenance is a great preventative measure, in some cases, a repair may be inevitable. Below we’ll shed some light on when maintenance can address the issue versus a repair being needed. 

The Basics

With all air conditioning units, no matter the type, a little upkeep will help them along the way. Cleaning or replacing filters regularly and checking the efficacy of different pieces of the unit can help in lengthening the lifespan. 

Air conditioning repairs, however, are situation-specific and more urgent than maintenance, generally speaking. One major factor that could lead to a much-needed repair is debris buildup. 

As the air conditioning unit is running, particles and debris are being pushed through. Normally, the air filter is responsible for catching these, however throughout the unit, debris can form. In fact, the motor and blades can allow for dust accumulation. With that said, maintenance plans can really come in handy to prevent any parts from becoming too backed up. With regards to repairs, meanwhile, these may become necessary if the unit is not maintained properly. 

What to Check For

If you’re concerned that the unit may not be functioning properly, look for the following signs. These indicate that you may be in need of a repair. 

Warm Air & High Humidity

If you find that the air coming out is no longer cool, check the settings. If all settings are correct, try lowering the temperature first. If the air is still warm, contact your trusted cooling professionals to get it fixed. 

Likewise, if you notice a lot of humidity indoors, it’s a possible area of concern. While it is understood that with higher temperatures outside, the more work your air conditioner has to do; however, if the humidity is high outside, it should not necessarily be very humid indoors. In fact, the air conditioner is responsible for controlling the level of humidity and moisture released. 


Anytime you notice a leak, have it addressed immediately. This could mean there is an issue with the refrigerant in your unit or possibly another part. Either way, in order to avoid further damage to the home, we strongly recommend having a professional handle this promptly. 

Unusual Noises

Given that many air conditioning units make minimal noise, if you hear anything new, that can indicate an issue. If rattling or buzzing, it could mean something is loose, whereas grinding or whistling noises could mean something completely different is the culprit. 

Professional Help 

If you notice any of these signs and suspect you may need a repair or even an AC replacement, contact your trusted cooling specialists right here in New Haven County, CT. Besides ensuring your unit is working properly and addressing any concerns, whether through maintenance or repairs, our team offers air conditioning installation too. Contact us today to learn more! 

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