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Boiler Services

Boilers & Hot Water

HVAC technician checking a newly installed boiler unit in Milford, CT

Gas & Oil Boiler Installation in New Haven County, CT, and Surrounding Communities

Is it time to replace your old oil, gas, or steam boiler? At Air Specialties, our team is equipped to take care of everything, from the initial consultation to helping you choose a new boiler, to a complete boiler installation or expansion tank installation, to removing an old boiler from your residence.

Call us for gas boiler or oil boiler installation anywhere in New Haven County, CT, including all the following communities: 

  • Hamden
  • New Haven
  • Milford
  • Orange
  • North Haven
  • North Branford
  • Branford
  • East Haven
  • West Haven
  • Derby
  • Devon

For more information about our boiler installation services or to schedule an appointment, give Air Specialties a call today!

Boiler Technicians in New Haven, CT

Boilers have become an integral part of modern homes and buildings in chilly New Haven, CT. It’s crucial to maintain an efficiently operating boiler system, not just for warmth but also for long-term savings. Whether you require boiler installation, maintenance, or repairs, trust the expertise of Air Specialties. We shine in delivering top-notch boiler services.

Boilers and Their Importance in Modern Homes and Buildings

 Boilers are essential components of our HVAC systems. They generate heat by burning gas or oil, then transfer this heat to water, creating steam or hot water. This heated water is then circulated throughout the house or building, providing warmth during those cold winter months.

A well-maintained boiler can keep your home warm all winter long, ensuring you and your family stay comfortable no matter how cold it gets outside. In addition, modern boilers are known for their energy efficiency, helping homeowners and business owners alike save more money on their utility bills.

For more information about our boiler installation services or to schedule an appointment, give Air Specialties a call today!

HVAC technician checking a newly installed boiler unit in Milford, CT

Types of Boilers

Boilers are categorized based on the type of heat they provide and the fuel they use. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Steam Boilers:
    • Heat water until it becomes steam.
    • Circulates the steam throughout the house using pipes or radiators.
  • Hot Water Boilers:
    • Heat water up to a specific temperature.
    • Pump the heated water through baseboard heaters or radiators.
  • Fuel-Based:
    • Gas Boilers: Operate using natural gas.
    • Oil Boilers: Utilize oil as fuel.
    • Gas Oil Boilers: Use a combination of gas and oil.

When considering a boiler, important factors to take into account include cost, fuel efficiency, and the availability of the fuel. These aspects are critical to the decision-making process.

Our Boiler Services

At Air Specialties, we go beyond your standard boiler company. As a team of dedicated boiler experts, we’re ready to meet all your boiler needs with a wide range of services tailored to the unique requirements of homes and businesses in New Haven County. We take pride in our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, so come experience the difference with our top-notch commercial and residential boiler solutions.

Boiler Installation

Choosing the right boiler for your home can be a daunting task. Our skilled boiler contractor team at Air Specialties guides you through the entire process. Whether you’re replacing an old boiler or installing a new unit in a new house, we ensure the boiler installation process is smooth and hassle-free.

Boiler Maintenance

Regular maintenance is essential to keep your boiler in prime condition. It not only extends the lifespan of your unit but also helps in identifying potential future problems. With our maintenance services, you can rest assured that your boiler will function optimally all winter long.

Boiler Repairs

Encountering issues with your boiler? Our boiler specialists are trained to handle all sorts of boiler repairs. From minor glitches to significant malfunctions, we’ve got you covered. Remember, timely repairs can save you from expensive replacements in the future.

Signs Your Boiler Needs Repair

If you notice any of the following signs, it might be time to call in boiler professionals for repairs:

  1. Strange Noises: Unusual sounds such as whistling, banging, or clanking.
  2. Inconsistent Heating: Fluctuations in temperature or rooms not heating up evenly.
  3. Increased Fuel Consumption: A sudden rise in fuel bills without a noticeable increase in usage.
  4. Water Leakages: Spotting water around the boiler or dripping from it.
  5. Presence of Carbon Monoxide: Make sure to have carbon monoxide detectors in place. They can alert you of a boiler malfunction.

Regular inspections and maintenance can help in the early detection and rectification of these issues.

Boiler Replacement

Sometimes, repairs might not suffice, especially for older units. Air Specialties provides top-notch boiler replacement services, ensuring your new boiler is more energy-efficient and suited to your home’s needs.

Why Choose Air Specialities?

Why Choose Us at Air Specialties

Our reputation as a leading boiler contractor in New Haven and surrounding areas is built on trust, quality, and commitment. Our team of boiler specialists ensures each job is done to perfection, prioritizing customer satisfaction above all.

While we proudly serve New Haven, our services also extend to:

  • Ansonia
  • Bethany
  • Branford
  • Derby
  • Devon
  • East Haven
  • Guilford
  • Hamden
  • Milford
  • North Branford
  • North Haven
  • Orange
  • Oxford
  • Stratford
  • Trumbull
  • Wallingford
  • West Haven
  • Woodbridge

When it comes to boilers, there’s no compromise. Ensuring your boiler system is in the best hands is essential for its longevity and your home’s comfort. Trust Air Specialties, the boiler experts in New Haven, CT, to keep your home warm and safe. Whether you need new boiler installation, boiler repair, or water heater service, contact us for a free estimate. 

Air Specialties, your trusted partner in boiler services, is here to enhance your home’s comfort in New Haven, CT, and beyond.

What is the difference between a gas boiler and a furnace?

A gas boiler heats water to provide heating via radiators or underfloor systems, whereas a furnace heats the air directly and distributes it throughout the home using ductwork.

What kind of equipment do you use for installations?

We utilize top-quality equipment and tools for all our installations, ensuring longevity and efficient performance.

How do I know if I need a new unit or just a repair for my boiler?

Typically, frequent breakdowns, increased energy bills, and inadequate heating might indicate the need for a new unit. However, our team can assess your system and guide you on whether a repair or replacement is best.

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"They came on time, half hour was good to get the furnace work again, was my first time with this company and I will hire them again in the future." -Max Adams
"Excellent service. Mike was terrific!. Prompt, honest, fair priced and work was done with professionalism. Left area very clean. I will certainly use this company again and recommend it highly." -Gayle Hoffman
"Everything about my experience with this company was great. They were on time, transparent and showed me their entire process. Jim was so great and I will definitely recommend them to anyone searching for HVAC services. You really get what you pay for and these guys are the best for a reason." -Johnny McCarthy
"Excellent company!! They have taken care of us for years!! True experts!!" -Stephanie Rotondo

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