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When Is the Best Time to Schedule AC Maintenance?

Your AC system experiences a lot of wear during the summer—especially if your thermostat is on a low setting. While you’re relaxing in the cool air, your air conditioner puts in the work to keep you comfortable. Although your system may seem like it’s pulling its weight and shows no signs of trouble, you shouldn’t forget to schedule maintenance services.

What does it mean to have your AC serviced? A professional HVAC technician will perform various tests, inspections, and cleanings to ensure your system’s parts are in working order. Maintenance tasks can include checking the evaporator coil, cleaning the condensate drain, and replacing the air filter.

This is vital knowledge to have, but you may still not know when to service your air conditioner. Let’s go over the best time to schedule AC maintenance.

Spring: The Ideal Season for Service

If you ask an HVAC technician when to service your air conditioner, they’ll almost certainly say “early spring.” Early to mid-spring is the best time to schedule AC maintenance because you’ll be able to address any urgent repairs before the hot weather arrives. Similarly, you’ll want to schedule heating maintenance in the fall to get your heater ready for the coldest temperatures.

When you schedule air conditioner maintenance in the spring, you can avoid the last-minute rush. Many homeowners try to book maintenance in the summer, and it can be a hassle to find a company that isn’t swamped with appointments.

Really, There Is No “Wrong Time”

Although spring is the best time to schedule AC maintenance, there’s never truly an incorrect time to book a service. Air conditioner maintenance is one of the easiest ways to ensure your family stays comfortable, cool, and safe during the summer.

Maintenance can also help your system run more efficiently. When you boost your AC unit’s energy efficiency, you can potentially lower your energy bills. There are many benefits to scheduling preventative AC maintenance services in New Haven County, no matter the time of year.

How Often You Should Schedule Maintenance

You know when to service your air conditioner, but you might be confused about how often. As a busy homeowner, you may be glad to hear that you only need to have your air conditioner serviced once a year.

However, other types of heating systems can have different maintenance requirements. For instance, if you use a heat pump for heating and cooling, you’ll want to schedule maintenance twice a year. Why? Because spring is the best time to schedule AC maintenance, and fall is the best time for your heating system.

Air Specialties Has Your AC Services Covered

HVAC maintenance can help your system last longer, perform better, and provide you with comfort. Although you know when to service your air conditioner, finding a company that meets your needs can be a challenge. Air Specialties is here to help with our trustworthy AC services.

Is it time to schedule an HVAC system maintenance appointment? Contact Air Specialties to learn more about our West Haven, CT air conditioning repair and maintenance today!

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