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Why Does My Indoor Air Quality Seem Worse During Winter?

Did you know that poor indoor air quality is often associated with lowering temperatures outside? It is also possible that the air inside is more polluted than outside. Strange as it sounds, there is a good reason why this happens. Let’s take a look at why indoor air quality often gets worse in winter.

How Does Winter Cause Air Quality Problems?

When the weather gets colder, you are likely to be more conscious of any air leaks around your house. If you notice any, the first thing you would probably do is seal them up in preparation for winter so your heating system can work as efficiently as possible. This insulation is great to reduce pressure and bring down both heating and cooling costs while maximizing comfort.

Unfortunately, improving the insulation also means that you are sealing up the home so contaminants inside have no route to escape. They can even collect in your home and multiply, leading to excess bacteria, mold spores, dust, and viruses inside — all of which can make you and your family extremely sick. With no outdoor air to push these contaminants away, you are most likely going to breathe poor quality air all through winter.

How Can You Help Improve Indoor Air Quality in Winter?

One of the easiest steps is to increase your frequency of cleaning floors and surfaces. This kills bacteria and viruses sitting on your surfaces at home, reducing the chance of them spreading and making anyone sick.

Apart from increased cleaning, it is also worthwhile to consider air filtration solutions like heat recovery ventilators (HRV) and energy recovery ventilators (ERV) that can introduce fresh air into your home. HRVs work by removing heat from the stale air leaving your home and relocating it to the fresh air coming into your home. ERVs do the same but can also transfer moisture and keep it out of your house if necessary.

You may also want to think about replacing your air filters even more regularly to ensure they are as clean as possible. Introducing air purifiers could also be a good solution depending on your specific situation.

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