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Heat Pump Repair

Heat Pump Repair in New Haven County And Surrounding Areas

How To Know When You Need To Repair Your Heat Pump

There are several things that can go wrong and lead you to need heat pump repair services, and some indicators may not be as obvious as others. The most common reasons to call in the experts are as follows:

  1. Heat pump stops running

This can be caused by multiple occurrences, from thermostat malfunctions to a tripped circuit breaker.

  1. Air generated is not hot or cool enough

Your blower may not be working correctly or your system could be low on refrigerant, which would be a reason to call in an Air Specialties service technician.

  1. Heat pump is frozen

If the defrost cycle does not automatically turn on when you are experiencing colder than average temperatures outside, the heat pump may be frozen.

  1. Heat pump blower stops working

The blower motor on the indoor unit is responsible for creating airflow and may have failed.

  1. Heating or cooling cycle is off

When your heat pump turns on and off repeatedly, the system unit may be malfunctioning due to overheating, or a number of factors.

  1. Heat pump is noisy

Issues within the motor of the heat pump may be the culprit if you hear unusual noises coming from your system. Noises that are uncommon include squealing, grinding or rattling is a cause for concern. 

man repairing a heat pump Branford, CT

 Heat Pump Repair Is NOT A DIY Project

When working with machinery such as a heat pump, a professional should perform the repairs. It can get dangerous when working with electrical components, as well as more costly if someone tries to fix the issue at hand and makes it worse. This service requires skill and proper training, so you should leave the installation service to the experts at Air Specialties.

What You Can Expect On The Day of Your Heat Pump Repair Servicing

Air Specialties’ air conditioning and heating technicians take personal responsibility for your complete satisfaction. Our trusted name in the New Haven County area will speak for itself, but we also wanted to outline what you can anticipate from a visit from one of our technicians so that there are no surprises. 

  1. We will arrive on time, as promised, on a day that is convenient for you and your family.
  2. We will treat you and your home with the utmost courtesy and respect.
  3. Our technicians will wear shoe covers and put down drop cloths to protect your home from any potential messes.
  4. You will never have to worry about who is in your home. Every Air Specialties employee is screened through a background checking system.
  5. We will take the time to review everything you need to know to operate and enjoy your new system for years to come.
  6. We will stand behind our installation today and down the road.
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