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4 of the Best Ways to Help Maintain an Air Conditioner

With the weather getting warmer, you should start thinking about getting your air conditioner ready for the summer. Whether that’s calling up your local air conditioning repair service in New Haven County, or getting a new unit installed, you want to take steps now to make sure that you’re not caught sweltering in the overwhelming heat of the summer.

Whatever stage you’re in of the air conditioning ownership cycle, you should start thinking about your AC’s maintenance plan. As the summer gets hotter, the last thing you want is for your AC unit to fail in the middle of a heatwave.

Here are some maintenance tips to help make sure your AC remains in working order throughout the summer months:

Change the Filter

One of the easiest ways to make sure your AC is running at peak efficiency is to regularly change the filter on your unit. Depending on how frequently you use the system, it’s probably best to change your air filter once every month or two to keep your home a refuge from the heat.

Clear Debris

As you start to prepare your AC for the summer, you’re probably cleaning off the fins, the fin cage, and all of the different tubes that help your AC keep your home comfortable. What you probably don’t realize is that you should make these steps part of your maintenance schedule.

Dirty fins and blocked condensate drain tubes keep your system from running at peak performance. Using gentle cleaners on these parts will help maintain your AC’s ability to keep you comfortable when the humidity and heat are too much to handle.

Install a Smart Thermostat

While it may not be a very intuitive tip, installing a smart thermostat can help your system run better for a longer period. The reason for this is that a smart thermostat can automatically adjust your home’s temperature to accommodate the times you need it most, rather than run at the same temp all day long. By doing this, your system doesn’t need to work as hard to maintain your home’s temperature or to get it comfortable after spending all day baking in the hot sun.

Repair Your Unit

If your AC unit is severely broken, no one needs to be told that they need to get it repaired. However, minor damage might be reducing your unit’s efficacy without your realizing it.

If the fins of your system are bent, or there’s a strain on your unit’s coolant lines because of the AC’s base settling at a sharp angle, it’s essential to get that repaired when it happens. These issues may not create a significant disruption in your system’s operation, but they can lead to decreased performance of your unit in the long term.

If you’re getting your AC ready for the summer and wanted to learn more about home AC tune-ups from experts in New Haven County, give us a call today!

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